Stamford, CT [60] - 10/31/14

Spent the night at Lola's.

Atlanta, GA [13] - 08/23/14

Visit with the Sendalls and the Carter Presidential Library.

Chicago, IL [58] - 07/24/14
Lina's Birthday in The Windy City

Boat tour, Cubs game, a street fair, and walking around the waterfront.

Toronto, ON [45] - 05/23/14
A trip north of the border

Niagara Falls and a Jays game.

Staten Island, NY [6] - 04/27/14
Alice Austin House

An exhibition on pinhole cameras

Stamford, CT [8] - 03/08/14
St. Patrick's Day Parade

Friends and family at the parade

Stamford, CT [8] - 02/22/14
Kelly's House Warming

Su casa es mi casa

Greenwich, CT [65] - 01/25/14
George's Birthday Party

George, George, and more George at Rouge Brasserie & Oyster Bar.